Recipe suggestions from Cyprus


Cyprus-Grunge-Map-31007114_640Cypriot cuisine sets the bar pretty high when it comes to culinary delicacies. If you want to try recipes or food from Cyprus, you can usually find them in Turkish supermarkets. Here we would like to inspire you to three traditional dishes from Cyprus, which you can easily prepare yourself.

Based on local food we present traditional recipes from Cyprus. Local specialties such as these include e.g. the Haloumi cheese, which is usually the basis for refreshing salads. Of course the salads will be served with local olive oil, which is obtained from the local Koroneiki olive.

Exotic cocktails can mixed on basis of Zivania, a spirit produced since the 14th century in Cyprus. Zivania is a spirit based on fermented grape marc.

The rubric of recipe suggestions from Cyprus is continuously expanded.