Production organic extra virgin Oliveoil

Production organic extra virgin Oliveoil


The organic olive oil of Oliva1® is cold pressed on the day of the harvest according to HACCP and ISO 9001:2000 standards in an ecological traditional two-stage process according EU 834-2007 and EU 889-2008. Traditional millstones are used to ensure the best possible quality.

Pure and unfiltered organic extra virgin olive oil obtained through the ecological traditional cold pressing keeps its organoeleptic characteristics such as taste, aroma and color and its antioxidant content. These characteristics are considered as responsible for a long life.

Organic olives from Cyprus

Therefore it is rightly fair to say: Oliva1® is good for a healthy life.

Main quality criteria of organic extra virgin olive oil are, apart from the organoeleptic properties, a low acidity (0 - 0.8 %) and low peroxide values (maximum of 10).

Organic extra virgin olive oil is produced without the use of solvents and at temperatures below 30o C (86o F).

Olive oil should be stored at a cool, dark and dry place at temperatures between 12 - 18C preferably in dark glass bottles.

The filling of the glass bottles of Oliva1® is done in accordance to HACCP (safety and hygiene), ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environmental) standards.

The organic process is certified by LACON.