Cultivation - Olive Oil

Cultivation - Olive Oil


The Oliva1® olive oil is obtained from the Koroneiki olive. The cultivation for the olive oil happens in Cyprus. The Koroneiki olive is a small, firm olive, which is known for its fruitiness. On this basis, a tasty, fruity, but not bitter olive oil with a delicate lemon flavor and a strong aromatic taste is produced.

The Koroneiki olive, and therefore also the extracted olive oil, is very different from the many other varieties of olives based on the cultivation method resulting in a very high quality standard. The mineral-rich soils of Cyprus as well as the iodine-containing air additionally contribute to this high quality.

The Koroneiki olive is harvested by hand.


The Koroneiki olive is named after the village of Koroni, at the foot of the Taygetos mountain range on the Peloponnese peninsula in the south of Greece.

By Cultivating the Koroneiki olive, which is being used for the production of the olive oil Oliva1®, no chemical products (for crop spraying and fertilizers) are inserted in accordance to EC No. 834/2007.

This is one of the reasons why in comparison with other olives, the maximum yield per hectare of cultivation of Koroneiki olives is only about one third in comparison with normal yields. As a result of this, the olive oil of the Koroneiki olive reaches an outstanding high quality.