Delight - buy olive oil Cyprus

Delight - buy olive oil Cyprus


This is how Cyprus tastes: buy olive oil, refine dishes & taste the power of nature.


It is the Aegean sun that makes olive oil in Cyprus a highlight of Mediterranean cuisine. The organic extra virgin olive oil is full of important ingredients that promote health in a special way. It presents itself with aromatic nuances that give a Cypriot-authentic touch to the most diverse dishes. Read here what makes our olive oil a reliable companion in any well-stocked kitchen and why it is worth paying attention to the ingredients.



Refining dishes as in Cyprus: olive oil with savory flavors as made by the gods.

Some people perceive extra native organic olive oil as bitter. This is not the case with our olive oil. It is a tasty product with a fruity note, with subtle citrus nuances resonating in the overtones. The fragrance is reminiscent of the Mediterranean climate in Cyprus and is prominent in the olive oil. Gourmets appreciate the slightly tangy citrus note that characterizes our traditional olive oil in an exciting way. It is harmoniously balanced with the flavor components typical of olive oil.



Promoting health in the style of the Cypriots: Olive oil with valuable ingredients

You will receive an organic olive oil, which is traditionally cold-pressed and has the highest possible amount of antioxidants. At the same time, the fatty acid content is deliberately kept low to allow your body to benefit exclusively from the goodness of nature. Our olive oil is perfect to use for a health-conscious diet.



Under the sun of Cyprus: olive oil in a first-class quality

The silvery olive groves of Cyprus thrive under a sun intensity that is second to none. In combination with the iodine-rich air of the sea and the very fertile soils, our olive oil is a product of unsurpassed quality.


You want to do something good for your health and feel like the real Cyprus? Our olive oil fulfills your wishes!