Coconut Oil - The Panacea Among the Oils

Coconut Oil  - The Panacea Among the Oils


Coconut Oil is a vegetable fat, which is extremely healthy for the human body. It is universally suitable for cooking. It is easily tolerated and a perfect supplier of energy for the body. It strains the body much less because neither digestive enzymes nor gall fluid are needed to break up the fat.

Coconut Oil increases the HDL "good cholesterol" and reduces the LDL "bad cholesterol". It is said that it eliminates harmful bacteria, fungi and even viruses.

At room temperature, Coconut Oil is a solid, white to whitish yellow vegetable oil, which is obtained from copra, the endosperm of the coconut. It has a pleasant smell of the coconut and melts just above room temperature. It is characterized by a very high proportion of saturated fatty acids. This high proportion of saturated fatty acids of the Coconut Oil is different from other vegetable oils. It is chemically very stable and durable and highly heat stable without decomposition.

Coconut Oil can be used in the kitchen for roasting, baking and frying.

Coconut Oil contains a very high percentage of lauric acid which can be directly processed in the liver. The resulting ketone will be converted within the body easily to adenosine triphosphate. This is the universal energy carrier of the cells.

This lauric acid fights also bacteria and viruses and is effective against fungal infections. Lauric acid is also an important component in protecting the immune system.

Further investigations have also given the idea that Coconut Oil is useful in combating diseases, which arise on the basis of chronic inflammation.

For this purpose, the formation of atherosclerosis can be mentioned, which represents a risk factor for high blood pressure and stroke.

Cold-pressed Coconut Oil can be useful against insect bites or sunburn and is helpful in the case of wound healing.