Production of a Commercial Coconut Oil


Coconut-PalmCoconut palms grow in the tropical and subtropical climatic zone of the Earth. The coconut tree is also called "tree of life".

To produce a standard Coconut Oil, the coconut meat has to be extracted from the inner part of the coconut first, then crushed and dried (partially over an open fire in the classical way which can have a strong negative influence on quality – formation of polycyclic aromatics etc.). Afterwards the oil will be mechanically pressed out of the dried coconut meat.

This allows the mass production of Coconut Oil and is still being practiced in Coconut Oil producing countries since decades. Based on the application (technical, cosmetic etc.) the crude oil will undergo further treatment. As an example the Coconut Oil will be refined to separate free fatty acids and byproducts, bleached and deodorized. In this case it is termed RBD – Coconut Oil (refined, bleached and deodorized), which is also used in the food industry.