CocosOil1® - Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


In comparison with a traditional produced Coconut Oil, the following listed criteria are of utmost importance:

  1. It is not allowed to dry the copra (white coconut meat) in the traditional way for further processing. The copra must be fed to the cold pressing process as wet coconut meat (wet milling process). Afterwards the water will be removed from the oil by using different methods (Enzymatic reaction, fermentation, temperature, separation in a centrifuge, or refrigeration e.g.).
  2. No use of bleaching clays, no deodorization
  3. It is only allowed to use coconuts which are originated from certified plantations. These plantations are not allowed to use fertilizers or pesticides/herbicides (at least for the last five years).
  4. The plantation should be as far away as possible from industrial areas.
  5. The Virgin Coconut Oil Cocos Oil1® is cold pressed without any use of solvents or preservatives and below careful temperatures of 40o C. Afterwards it goes into the fermentation process.
  6. Main quality criteria of the Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Eng. Organic Extra VCO) are the low acidity (< 0.1%) and the low peroxide value (rarely above 5).

Coconut-WhiteVirgin Coconut Oil can be stored up to 24 month in correctly stored environment (dark, cool and airtight). In direct sunlight, it will easily go rancid.

Coconut Oil is solid at temperatures below 24o C. Therefore it is handled in the tropics as oil and in Europe mostly as fat. The transition from the solid to the liquid state has no influence on the quality of the product.