German spirits - a treat for special occasions

German spirits have always had a good reputation, even beyond Germany's borders. However, people tend to associate German spirits with Nordhäuser Doppelkorn, brandy, gentian or even Jägermeister. However, the range of German spirits is now far more diverse and varied, and German whiskey and German gin can now be seen and tasted. German whisky and German gin no longer need to shy away from comparison with international products and with comparable high-proof beverages from the original countries of origin and are an absolute pleasure for connoisseurs and lovers on special occasions. Such noble brandies come from small manufactories, where mostly younger people devote themselves to their recipes with all their passion.

German whisky and German gin are very much in vogue. In general, high-proof spirits of exquisite quality are increasingly being rediscovered by young consumers with high quality standards. It should be common knowledge that the word "spirit" is derived from the Latin word spiritus, meaning "spirit. The distillation of spirits was therefore already known in antiquity and the ancient Romans perhaps also indulged in the enjoyment of spiritual beverages, although it is well known that the truth lay rather in wine. But perhaps it was the monks and spiritual brothers of the Middle Ages who understood their monasteries not only as intellectual and spiritual centers, but also as places for the production and enjoyment of high-proof spiritual drinks.

Did you know that both the word whisky, which comes from English, and the word vodka, which comes from Russian, mean something like "water of life," but that the name gin is derived from genever? Gin is thus related to Genever and the German spirit Steinhäger, which was developed in the 19th century in Steinhagen in eastern Westphalia on the edge of the Teutoburg Forest. German gin made from juniper berry distillate and grain is considered not so new, but German whisky is. The Scots are considered the inventors of whisky. As different as gin and whisky are, they are both grain-based spirits, and Germany has become a master at distilling the two spirits. Try German whisky and German gin!