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Belgium is known for fancy chocolates and the immense selection of unusual very tasty monastery beers.

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Caluwé Artisan - Book of Chocolates

A collection of hand crafted exquisite Belgian chocolates.The package contains 30 pieces.

13.90 *
1 kg = 35.19 €
Delivery weight: 596 g

Caluwé Artisan - Small Gift Box

A collection of hand crafted exquisite Belgian chocolates presented in a gift wrapped box finished with a stylish matching trim. A perfect, ready-made gift, offering a contemporary twist on the traditional Belgian gift wrapped ballotin. The box includes 16 pieces.

9.90 *
100 g = 3.96 €
Delivery weight: 318 g

Caluwé Artisan - Window Box

A box of collection of hand crafted coloured exquisite Belgian chocolates. The box contains 9 pieces.

6.50 *
100 g = 6.19 €
Delivery weight: 132 g

Bundle Leffe Beer

Exclusive Bundle Offer!

Present your loved ones, friends or business partners a combination of our exclusive Leffe Beers out of Belgium.

43.70 / 6 piece(s) *
Delivery weight: 8,000 g

Landmans Kriek

The main basis for the Craft Beer Lindemans Kriek is fresh unsweetened cherry filtrate blended with lambic beer. 

Minimum order 6 bottles !

3.95 *
1 l = 5.27 €
Delivery weight: 600 g
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