Country Specialties and organic food


We strive to provide you with a selection of exclusive food and organic products from different countries.

These are products from the respective regions, which have achieved a certain degree of awareness across borders but also products which are still relatively unknown due to their uniqueness.

These include organic foods such as tea, edible oils (e.g. organic olive oil or organic coconut oil), and organic wines. All organic foods presented here have exclusive nature alone due to fact of limited availability and their special production procedures

Here you can find our selected specialities sorted by coutries.


Flag Belgium

 ✓ Known for the vast amount of delicious fancy chocolates.
 ✓ Large selection of tasty monastery beers


Flag China

Chinese food. Excellent quality. Handpicked selection. Maximum enjoyment.


Flag Germany

German spirits have always had a good reputation, even beyond Germany's borders.



Flag Spain

Spain, summer, sun, siesta. Get this feeling with the selected Spanish products directly to your home.



Flag USA

Exclusive red wines from the USA. The highest quality to enhance meat dishes. Brings the USA directly home to the dining table.



Flag Cyprus

Organic food from Cyprus - the most forested island in the Mediterranean. You can expect organic olive oil and excellent wines.