Wine from Cyprus - Red Wine - White Wine - Rosè - Exclusive Food

Wine from Cyprus - Red Wine - White Wine - Rosè - Exclusive Food


The Mediterranean climate of Southern Europe is ideal for wine growing, which began there several millennia ago. Likewise, viticulture on the southeastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus enjoys a correspondingly long tradition.
Cypriot wine enjoys enormous popularity. The trend is even upward, as evidenced by sales and export figures.
The very mountainous regions of the island provide a breeding ground for various grape varieties, which are then processed into aromatic wines of the highest quality.


Probably the best known wine from Cyprus is Commandaria, a regional sweet wine. This is a Cuvee, which is made from the grape varieties Xynisteri and Mavro.
A very important local grape variety is the red Maratheftiko grape. It is perfectly suited for the production of excellent red wines.  This is a very special Cypriot wine, which stands out for its high quality and is therefore considered rather exclusive. The wine offers an exceptional taste experience due to its distinctive note.
This grape belongs to a series of so-called "autochthonous" varieties. This means that they thrive only in that region and are therefore local and authentic.

Weinberg Zypern

This barren, rocky landscape with a mixture of volcanic and calcareous soils is also the origin of Xynisteri.
This is a dry, fruity and fresh wine from Cyprus with a finesse-rich aroma.
An exquisite white wine, which is highly appreciated not only regionally. Just a classic, a Cypriot wine as a vacation souvenir should join the return trip. If you prefer a wine from Cyprus, which tastes particularly fresh, there are great examples.


For example, the Vasilikon Dry White:
A classic white wine from Cyprus, whose basis is provided by the xynisteri berry native to the area. Its fruity aroma is strongly reminiscent of peaches and apricots. The slight acidity is perfectly balanced with its fruity flavor, scoring with a round and pleasant finish. It perfectly rounds off dishes with fish or other seafood and is even ideal for pasta dishes and salads.


A strong Cypriot wine is the Vasilikon Aeon Maratheftiko:
This red wine does not seem clumsy at all, but rather impresses with its smooth character.
It is a relatively new wine that can withstand any quality challenge. To perfect its maturity, it is aged for 6 months in French oak barrels and then for 1.5 years in bottle. Among its main characteristics are its intense purple color, its aroma of ripe red fruits and some vanilla.
An exclusive wine from Cyprus with a long, soft finish, which is served with game and hearty fare.


From the moment of its growth, Cypriot wine is subject to meticulous and high-quality processing.
Taste, maturity and character reflect the soul of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, which will be appreciated by the fine palate of any wine lover.