Five Kings Brandy - Quality from Cyprus

Keo five Kings Brandy from Cyprus is a quality product made from pure Cypriot Xynisteri grapes with unique aroma and taste, which deserves your attention due to its delicate character. Enjoying Cyprus is not just about feeling the sun on your skin and the sea breeze in your hair. You can also experience the incomparable elegance of the Mediterranean island in your glass. The dark-colored Five Kings Brandy has exceptional characteristics that distinguish it from the average brandy. It is a pure and natural product, made from freshly harvested grapes using a traditional method and aged in high quality oak barrels. The special climate and careful barrel aging give this fine brandy from Cyprus its special finish during several years of aging.

The best ingredients under the Cyprus sun

The late-ripening Xynisteri grape from the southern slopes of the Troodos Mountains are highly prized on the Mediterranean island, and not just for dessert wines. They also give the Cypriot Five Kings Brandy its incomparable aroma of mild spices and raisins, which make it pleasing and pleasantly digestible. The soft taste with a hint of oak and its subtle background flavors set Five Kings Brandy apart from mass-produced products and make it a true premium brandy. Produced exclusively in Cyprus, known for its mild climate, Five Kings was able to be made in an environment where the full-bodied brandy can develop perfectly before being carefully tested for maturity and bottled.

A versatile companion for special moments

To bring out the aromas in the glass particularly well, we recommend enjoying it at room temperature in a brandy glass. If you let the good drop circulate lightly in the glass, you can clearly perceive the rich bouquet already with a few centimeters of distance from the glass. This is the moment when you know your Five Kings Brandy is ready to fully display its flavors. If you do prefer to serve this royal delight on ice during warm summers, this aromatic brandy's versatility will allow you to do so without sacrificing quality. When properly chilled, a subtle and elegant sweetness dominates the full-bodied finish. Especially with desserts such as ice cream, you can combine Five Kings Brandy from Cyprus excellently. This versatile brandy brings the sun of Cyprus into your glass and is also a perfect companion in special moments. Buy this brandy from Cyprus in our store, so that you too can walk in the footsteps of the 5 Kings and enjoy this product of Cypriot distilling art.

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New Keo Five Kings

Keo Five Kings is a beautiful golden brandy made exclusively in Cyprus from the Xynisteri grape. It is stored in oak barrels for 15 years.

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