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Fresh Cyprus Olive Oil in exquisite quality

High quality olive oil smells deliciously of healthy olives. The taste is strong and fresh. Also, the slightly bitter note as well as the gentle sharpness on the palate are what makes our olive oil from the heart of Cyprus so special. If you buy Cyprus olive oil and it scratches your throat a little when you eat it, this is also a well-known indication of the excellent quality of this natural product.

We do everything for excellent olive oil

With many olive oils the origin is not quite clear. With Cyprus olive oil it is different. In our excellently sorted online store, you can therefore buy your Cyprus olive oil with a clear conscience and benefit from the taste and health advantages.

What you should know about olive oil

If olives are harvested by hand according to ancient tradition, this speaks for the special value of the oil. This is because the fruits suffer less damage than is usually the case with mechanical harvesting. Due to the high functionality of the harvesting machines, the valuable fruits could easily be damaged. But bruised olives quickly start to ferment. This process has a lasting effect on the overall quality of the harvest. Also, overripe olives that have fallen from the trees should not be added to the harvest. This is because experience shows that the ripening enzymes contained in the overripe fruit also have a negative effect on the qualitative value of the oil. With our high quality olive oil from Cyprus, you can fully trust in the excellent quality of the processed fruit.

So healthy is our olive oil

Cyprus olive oil has always been called the liquid gold from the womb of Mother Nature. It is rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids-. In addition, Cyprus olive oil contains many valuable vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and phenolic compounds. Vanillic acid, caffeic acid, tyrolic acid and coumaric acid are among the phenolic compounds in Cyprus olive oil. There are also more than seventy different flavor and aroma compounds in the oil. High quality olive oil can be used to reduce high cholesterol levels. In the course of this, the risk of stroke and heart attack is reduced. The coronary vessels are relieved and blood pressure is lowered.

Current scientific studies show that people in the Mediterranean region, such as Cyprus, are much less likely to suffer from arteriosclerosis or have a heart attack. One says that the regular consumption of Cyprus olive oil plays a crucial role here. In fact, you too can actively do something for your well-being by buying our Cyprus olive oil. It has been proven that the oleic acids contained in Cyprus olive oil, as well as the high content of vitamin E, can reduce specific oxidation processes in the human body and thus inhibit cell aging.

Discover also our Cyprus coconut oil. Just like our olive oil, it shines with its unique quality and special taste.

Our Tip:
Both our organic olive oil and coconut oil are ideal for use in good cooking as well as for the production of cosmetic and care products. Even in grandmother's time, health and beauty-conscious consumers made exquisite products from the precious vegetable oils. For a radiant appearance and more quality of life. When will you discover your olive oil from Cyprus with us? We look forward to your visit to our store.

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Oliva1® Organic Olive Oil


Oliva1® is an organic extra virgin olive oil. It is tasty, fruity, but not bitter with a delicate lemon flavor and a strong fragrance.

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